The Bakersfield Meditation Society offers free classes in Buddhist meditation, mysticism, reincarnation, karma, personal power and Enlightenment. Beginners are always welcome! There is a Free Meditation Music CD. Classes are held every other Wednesday night from 7:15-8:15 pm.

Greenacres Community Center, 2014 Calloway Dr. (between Holland St. and Enger St.), Bakersfield, Ca.

2016 Class Schedule. 7:15-8:15pm.
All Classes are Free!

November 2, 16, 30
December 14, 28

Free spiritual book!

Daily Spiritual Quotes! Rama/Dr. Frederick Lenz The Buddha The Lakshmi Tantra Ramakrishna

Free Spiritual Talks by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz.
More Talks by Rama - Dr. Frederic Lenz and Zazen meditation music!
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