The Bakersfield Meditation Society offers free classes in Buddhist meditation, mysticism, reincarnation, karma, personal power and Enlightenment. Beginners are always welcome! Free Meditation Music CD! Want to be on our mailing list? Send your email address to Join us on Twitter or Instagram.

Free Classes
  • Wed, August 22nd @ 7:15 pm - Intermediate Meditation. Powerful techniques to transform your meditations from boring to Brilliant.

Location: Greenacres Community Center. 2014 Calloway Dr., Bakersfield, CA. Just south of Fruitvale Jr. High. We sit in folding chairs and you may want to bring a cushion.

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Power Trips to Cottonwood Lakes & Bristlecone Forest
Two exciting hikes are scheduled for August 18th and 19th. The energy at both these locations is pure and powerful. Each location will immerse you in unrivaled beauty and discovery. Each hike will last 2-3 hours and include a short meditation. Come see ancient Bristlecone trees that live 4,000 years or more. These hikes will be extremely rewarding and will be the first time I have ever taken anyone to either of these locations.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine
Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Saturday, August 18th 
Leave Bakersfield 8 am. 
Lunch in Lone Pine around noon.
Hike on the Cottonwood Lake Trail 2-5 pm.
Dinner in Lone Pine.
Spend the night in Lone Pine. I recommend the Comfort Inn.

Sunday, August 19th
Leave Lone Pine 9 am and head to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest.
Hike at Bristlecone forest 10:30-1:30 pm.
Lunch at Bristlecone Forest (bring a sandwich)
Arrive back in Bakersfield around 6 pm.

RSVP to if you are interested.

Free Rama Videos
Rama discusses topics such as Health, Enlightenment, Reincarnation and Career Success. One of the videos is of Rama meditating in Samadhi to Zazen music - a magical gift. For lighter fare there is a video of Rama dancing. Videos courtesy of the Lenz Foundation.

2018 Class Schedule. All classes are FREE. Every-other Wednesday @ 7:15 pm
August 22
September 5, 19
October 3, 17, 31
November 14, 28
December 12, 26