The Bakersfield Meditation Society offers classes in Buddhist meditation, mysticism, reincarnation, karma, personal power and Enlightenment. Beginners are always welcome! All classes and events are free. Attend any class - no prior knowledge or meditation experience is needed.

Bakersfield Meditation Society

Metaphysics - Wednesday, June 19th, 2024, 7PM
"There's a power that brings us to things, and there's a power that lets us move away from things, from people, places, and experiences. And what you learn to do in metaphysics is to accept. That's a tough one." - Rama

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Greenacres Community Center, 2014 Calloway Dr., Bakersfield, Ca.
We sit on folding chairs. Directions: From the south, head north on Calloway Dr. and make a right on Calloway Frontage Rd, then a quick left into the parking lot. From the north, take Calloway Dr. south and make a right on Calloway Frontage Rd, go over Calloway Dr. and make a right into the parking lot.


In Rama Live! Talks and Workshops, Rama delivered 17 talks to a live audience between 1982 - 1985. Topics ranged from Meditation and Dharma to Psychic Self-Defense and Reincarnation and the Tibetan Rebirth Process. I was in the audience and listened eagerly to his wisdom and humor.


New Books!


Folding the Mind, by Jeffrey Cohodas, teaches self-discovery as a series of short stories and pragmatic techniques that we can all use to elevate our state of mind. This book combines many years of studying self-discovery, teaching self-discovery, and serious reflection on the nature of reality. You can read the book the whole way through or just enjoy any topic as it comes up. Highly recommended! More at


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