Meditation Music of Zazen

Music has been used for thousands of years to elevate the mind. Music by Zazen has been specially designed to help move the mind to places of stillness and beauty and will help open up the energy centers, known as chakras, within the subtle body. All songs by Zazen are Free! Explore talks and music at RamaTalks. Rama was the producer for the band Zazen.

Meditation Albums by Zazen

Samurai is the only album in which Zazen's always-exquisite music is interspersed with Rama speaking about Buddhist topics ranging from optimism to enlightenment. Designed for meditation. Free!

Samadhi by Zazen
Samadhi by Zazen, is designed to meditate to. Samadhi can be used for morning or evening meditation. This album was produced by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz. Free!

Meditate to the soothing melodies of Ecstasy. Listen online or download the entire album. Free!

Enlightenment by Zazen
Enlightenment was designed to meditate to. Free!

Canyons of Light was designed to meditate to in the evening. Free!

Cayman Blue was designed to meditate to. Free!

Surfing the Himalayas was designed to meditate to. Free!